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Social Innovators

The ORS Impact team has earned a global reputation for leadership, insight and innovation. We work collaboratively with our clients, bringing our distinctive expertise in planning, measurement and evaluation to their most vexing challenges.

Kendra Winchester , MA


Kendra is excited by all the possibilities to pair meaningful research and evaluation with systems level change at ORS Impact. She is committed to remodeling the frameworks in which we understand and think about data, and how that data gets operationalized on a global scale. Her background in rhetoric studies, community-based learning, and emphasis on anti-racist frameworks provides a unique perspective in evaluation work.

Prior to her work at ORS Impact, Kendra was the Civic Engagement Fellow at her alma mater, Whitman College, followed by working in a critical care hospital during the pandemic. Outside the office, you may find Kendra with her cat Faye Faye, reading, drinking tea, or cooking scrumptious meals.