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The ORS Impact team has earned a global reputation for leadership, insight and innovation. We work collaboratively with our clients, bringing our distinctive expertise in planning, measurement and evaluation to their most vexing challenges.

Adele Harmer


Adele is committed to helping organizations identify and use evidence to drive improvements in their policies, program design, and implementation. With 18 years of experience ranging from managing qualitative and data-driven research to conducting project, program, and system-wide evaluations, she understands the challenges that organizations face while striving for positive impact in complex, dynamic settings. She has consulted for a diverse range of donor governments and non-profits to strengthen their policies and programs in providing assistance to highly vulnerable populations, with a primary focus on humanitarian crises and conflict-affected countries.

Adele enjoys adapting methods and approaches to challenging settings. She has designed innovative methods to work in a variety of diverse contexts in Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan, and Syria, valuing engagement with populations living in hard-to-reach areas in each respective setting. She is also experienced in designing theories of change to support strategic approaches to improve policy and program performance. She enjoys supporting organizational learning processes and facilitating dialogues with a diversity of policy-makers and practitioners.
Adele joined ORS Impact in 2019. She holds a Master of Science in development management from the London School of Economics and Political Science. When not working, Adele loves spending time with her family, soaking up the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, and wrangling her very energetic aussie pup.