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Team of Thought Partners

ORS Impact is a team of some of the sharpest minds in theories of change,
outcomes-based planning, evaluation and social sector strategy. We have
earned a global reputation for leadership, insight and innovation.

Sarah Stachowiak, MPA

“In college I remember thinking, ‘Why isn’t social science being used to make better public policy and to make better decisions that would make people lives better?’ At ORS Impact we work to make that happen on a daily basis.”

Sarah Stachowiak is passionate about evaluation – a systematic method that combines inquiry and the strategic use of data to facilitate better decision-making and ultimately greater impact for social change.

Sarah’s incisive mind, technical skills, effectiveness with clients, and prodigious work ethic all contributed to her rise through the ranks at ORS Impact to her current role as CEO. And her leadership has been a major force in expanding the influence of strategic evaluation to become a driving force for positive social innovation and problem solving.

She’s partnered with large foundations, non-profits, and governmental agencies to custom design evaluation and measurement programs leading to learning that strengthens initiatives at all levels. Her work helps social innovators develop meaningful measurements that answer questions such as:

  • Are we achieving the outcomes we expect?
  • How can we learn and improve our work along the way?
  • How we can better understand hard to measure work, like systems change and advocacy?

Sarah has a wide range of experience working with clients serving diverse populations in areas including early childhood, advocacy and policy change, community development, K-12 education, the environment, public health, libraries, and alcohol and drug prevention.

A respected facilitator, trainer, and coach, Sarah helps organizations transform evaluation work into broader learning initiatives that help define next strategies and spur new understanding about sustainability and capacity building. She assists groups in breaking work into bite-sized pieces by providing a crisper articulation of strategies and focusing on measurable outcomes in real time. She helps her clients explore how meaningful change will look in both the short and long term.

Sarah sees her role as a “critical best friend” assessing goals and initiatives from an outside perspective – and suggesting that clients consider “doubling down” on current efforts, or alternatively, take a hard look at outdated assumptions that may be diluting the work.

Some clients worry that evaluation is a backward-looking endeavor doing little more than highlighting past mistakes, but under Sarah’s direction evaluation provides information that illuminates effective methods for moving forward as well as efficient ways for modifying less successful approaches.

Most of all, Sarah hates to see those who strive for the greater good spend precious time and resources on ineffective, unproductive work. “If organizations don’t use data to understand and improve their work, it’s a loss for everybody.”

Sarah’s ORS clients past and present include:

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • David and Lucile Packard Foundation
  • William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • Alliance for Early Success
  • Washington State Department of Health
  • Child Care Resources
  • Chalkboard Project
  • Public Library Association
  • Statewide child advocacy organizations


Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Washington’s Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs.

Previous Experience:

Research Associate at the University of Washington’s Center for the Study and Teaching of At-Risk Students, in program evaluation and project management.

Marshall Brumer

“I want to bring out the best in the people I’m working with. I’m not going to do all the critical thinking for you, but I am going to enable it by providing thought partnership that keeps you focused on the end outcomes — and how to get there from here.”

Marshall has spent more than 25 years in the corporate and technology sectors, working across platforms to develop large-scale systems. He joined ORS in 2012 to focus on systems of a different sort – systems that lead to broad social change. His deep experience as a business and strategy leader coupled with 30 years working with non-profits — in roles ranging from volunteer to board president — means he’s equally comfortable in both worlds. Marshall excels in bringing business discipline and processes to social impact enterprises and bringing social impact values and integrity to the business world.

Marshall combines the technical savvy of a software engineer with the “people” and communication skills he honed planning and executing platform-level strategic solutions as a key Microsoft Windows Platform Evangelist, crisscrossing the world to build and nurture relationships with key partners such as Intel.

Marshall’s work has included two years as a consultant including working with the global health NGO Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) where he focused on partner relations and business development. At PATH, Marshall was also instrumental in the creation of a market-based approach to developing a platform for water filtration devices in developing countries.

Since joining ORS Impact, Marshall has worked closely with the Annie E. Casey Foundation, one of the nation’s largest private foundations, helping to define and measure its influence strategies.

Marshall believes in using technology and innovation to reach broader audiences. He and ORS Impact CEO Sarah Stachowiak recently collaborated on a well-received and innovative webinar series called “Current Thinking and Practices in Evaluation” produced by Philanthropy Northwest, a regional leader in philanthropy with members in five states.

An expert on outcome-based strategic planning and organizational development, Marshall is building models that tailor ORS’s knowledge to meet the needs of businesses involved in corporate social responsibility and social enterprise and ventures. As always, the challenge for many organizations lies in determining how to measure and track social change. Marshall believes that combining outcome-based planning that includes clear, agreed-upon interim- and long- term outcomes as well as carefully constructed evaluation frameworks enables the development of defined roadmaps to success. These tools break organizational strategies and activities into a series of snapshots that can be measured and evaluated. The result: organizations move from chaos to clarity and onto successful implementation. This plays well to Marshall’s talents in organizational development.

Indeed, Marshall has developed a reputation as a talented team builder, mentor, and morale booster as well as an inspirational leader of teams both physical and virtual. He employs what he calls “precision questioning” to help organizations to become their own best critics. In addition, he says, “The engineer in me sees the linkages between organizational vision, mission, goals, outcomes and activities. Being able to align all of these elements while keeping organizational integrity allows me to help you do your best possible thinking.”

Previous Experience:

  • Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Director, Windows Hardware Platform Evangelism, Microsoft
  • Group Manager, Microsoft Research University Relations
  • Director, Windows Hardware Program Management, Microsoft
  • Group Manager, Windows Platform Evangelism, Microsoft
  • Strategic Relationship Manager, Microsoft
  • Technical Evangelist, Windows Division, Microsoft
  • Senior Software Engineer, Toshiba America Info Systems
  • Software Engineer, Hughes Information System
  • Consultant/Software Engineer, Tasco Electronic Services

Boards and Volunteer Activities:

  • Social Venture Partners; Seattle, WA;
Partner 2013; Strategic Framework Team 2013
  • Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle; Seattle, WA; Board of Directors 2010-2013
  • Habitat for Humanity; hands-on community projects; ongoing
  • Seattle Aquarium; Seattle, WA;
Interpreter 2007-2010
  • Jewish Day School of Metropolitan Seattle; Bellevue, WA; 
Math Enrichment teacher 2007-2008; Board of Directors 2001-2003
  • Temple B’nai Torah; Bellevue, WA; 
President 2003-2005; Board of Directors 1996-2005
  • City of Hope, Donnez Nous Chapter; Bellevue, WA; Walk for Hope; Harvest Ball

University of California, Irvine Bachelor’s, Information and Computer Science

Jane Reisman, PhD

“I have a lively intellectual curiosity and love the process of inquiry. Combining these talents to create and support social impact — for an equitable and civil society and a healthy planet — makes each day a joy for me.”

A passion for action and a hunger for creating positive social impact led ORS Impact founder Jane Reisman from academics into the real-life world of strategic consulting.

ORS Impact, the company she founded more than 25 years ago, has been on the leading edge ever since — creating a growing arsenal of measurement, evaluation, and strategic planning tools to propel social change agents onto faster, smarter, and more efficient success.

As a senior advisor, Jane leads projects, facilitates strategic learning, mentors colleagues and clients, creates thoughtful and innovative new approaches, guides development of bodies of work, and more. She is a ‘critical friend” to a wide variety of organizations that drive toward social impact—including non-profits, foundations, multilaterals, governmental agencies, impact investors, social ventures and enterprises. Through her advising, Jane helps her clients gain clarity about what they want to do, the underlying assumptions informing their work, as well as to examine how their efforts are making measurable progress. She then helps them measure their effectiveness using regular, concrete, data-driven methods to ensure that social impact groups avoid activity traps where a hodgepodge of tactics and programs develop with no clear strategic roadmap and without evidence that points to progress toward a larger goal.

Jane begins her engagements by asking, “Are you making the change you hoped to make, or is a course change needed?” Then she teams up with organizations to custom design methods for tracking short- medium- and long-term outcomes that provide evidence that programs and initiatives are moving the needle toward positive change.

Jane’s early academic career as a sociology professor and director of the Center for Social Research at Tacoma’s Pacific Lutheran University provided her with a strong grounding in the science and practice of social change, measurement, learning and evaluation, theory of change, and learning processes.

ORS’s doors opened in 1989, and since then Jane has worked with some of the largest, most respected organizations in the country, including Annie E. Casey Foundation; Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; Ford Foundation; David and Lucile Packard Foundation; Head Start (federal, state, and local levels); Social Venture Partners, Seattle; State Departments of Health (AK, WA, OR, ID); The Seattle Foundation; Thrive by Five Washington; United Way of America; Washington State Department of Early Learning; and World Vision International.

Jane has also worked extensively with the United Nations’ Program Planning and Budget Division to implement results-based budgeting – a way of baking outcome indicators and benchmarks into the budget process. She helped United Nations personnel define what outcomes to measure, how to analyze the data, and how to use the information to improve programs. She trained budget officers in the UN’s New York headquarters, who ultimately used her methods and training manual to instruct officers in all major duty stations – more than 60 — throughout the world. The UN has been using the resulting budget strategies and training tools Jane introduced since 2002.

Jane’s work has appeared in numerous professional journals, she’s authored several books, and she’s published a number of handbooks, guides, and training manuals.

Ph.D in Sociology from University of Oregon

Previous experience:
Faculty member Ohio State University, Pacific Lutheran University and Seattle University

“Best Sociological Practice Award” from the Society of Applied Sociologists, 2001.

Sara Afflerback, MA

Sara joined ORS Impact in 2012. She brings a qualitative research- and analysis-intensive background and skills for effectively communicating and visualizing data and results. Sara partners with nonprofit and philanthropic clients to develop Theories of Change that articulate how their organizations arrive at social impact and the outcomes they expect to achieve along the way, followed by Measurement, Learning, and Evaluation (MLE) plans to systematically track measurable progress toward those meaningful outcomes. Sara also conducts deep evaluations; gathering and analyzing data and delivering insights that support the greatest opportunities for impact.

Sara holds a Master’s in Applied Sociology from the University of Central Florida, where she published journal articles on motherhood and consumption, as well as taught and evaluated undergraduate courses including Social Theory, Social Power and Inequality, and Sex and Gender in Society.

Having moved from Fort Lauderdale, she spends her time hiking and exploring Washington’s parks.

Terri Akey, PhD

Terri Akey recently joined the ORS Impact team as a Director. Passion for creating just and equitable social systems is the driving force for why she engages in work each day, believing that evaluative thinking and access to high-quality, relevant evidence has the power to hold system leaders accountable, advocate for equitable policies, remove barriers, and help organizations change their practices to meet the needs of children, families and communities.

Over her 25-year career, Terri has engaged with a wide range of stakeholders to develop and implement high quality evaluations and build capacity to use evidence in decision-making. She holds deep expertise in policy research, program evaluation, and evidence and data use to promote organizational and systems learning and change.  Terri’s professional portfolio spans the range from more than 10 years as an independent consultant and small-business owner to nearly 20 years of executive leadership in an applied research and evaluation organizations. Her content expertise is wide-ranging, including state and federal education policy, rural schools and communities, indigenous students and families, early learning, STEM education, and community-based and system-level initiatives for educational change.

Drawing from a broad and deep toolkit, she conducts complex, mixed-methods studies, assesses large-scale systems change, and advises clients and stakeholders on how to better serve communities, families, and children. She specializes in collaborative approaches to research and evaluation, working side-by-side with community and education partners to obtain and use actionable evidence to define and achieve success and create access to opportunities and capacity to reach those success goals. Her approach relies on trained judgment, the flexible application of a variety of evaluation tools, deep knowledge of the political context, and strong trust with key stakeholders to address complex social challenges.

Terri is a former community organizer, counselor, teacher, professor and district administrator. She holds an undergraduate degree in sociology and community planning, and two masters degrees—one in community counseling and one in school psychology. She earned her doctorate in Research Methods and Lifespan Developmental Psychology at the University of Kansas in 1995. She has served on the boards of numerous youth-serving non-profit organizations and on state and national task forces related to education policy and educational equity issues.

A native of Indiana, Terri has lived in the Portland Oregon area since 2010 with her artist husband Rob and their daughter Sarah, age 16. She commutes weekly to the ORS office in Seattle-at least until her daughter finishes her senior year this summer. In her non-work time, she enjoys spending time with her family, enjoying the fantastic art created by her talented husband and daughter, listening to music, engaging in all forms of photography, attending the theater and art museums, cooking, reading, and exploring the Pacific Northwest.  She’s also a diehard college basketball fan, rooting for her beloved Jayhawks.

Previous Experience:

  • Owner of Community Research Associates 2002-2016
  • Senior Program Director, Research, Evaluation & Assessment at Education Northwest 2010-2016
  • Senior Research Associate, Center for Evaluation and Education Policy at Indiana University 2008-2010
  • Research Director at the Center for Community Research at University of Indianapolis 2004-2008
  • Director of Research, Evaluation and Assessment (REA) at Park Hill School District 1997-2003
  • Assistant Professor, Research Methodology at Auburn University 1995-1997
  • Project Director and Research Manager, Beach Center on Families and Disabilities 1992-1995
  • School Psychologist and Assessment Coordinator at Topeka Public Schools 1991-1993
  • Classroom Teacher, middle school mathematic at Clarksdale Public Schools 1990-1991
  • Community Organizer, Onaga Kansas 1988-1989

Nadia Andrilenas, MSW

Nadia joined ORS Impact as a Research Assistant in April 2017 while completing a Masters in Social Work and Certificate in International Development Policy & Management from University of Washington.  After completing a BA in Anthropology from UW, she lived in northern Vietnam where she fostered interests in education, women’s empowerment and cross-cultural work.  Prior to starting at ORS Impact, she was the coordinator for a non-profit Guardianship agency serving adults with developmental disabilities.  She strives to be an ally for marginalized communities and is compelled by passions for beauty and equity.  She values ORS Impact’s commitment to quality, data-driven evaluation for social impact.  Outside of work she loves to travel, try out new restaurants, watch movies and read.

Heidi Brown

Heidi joined ORS Impact in May 2008.  She is responsible for managing all aspects of client contracts, internal business infrastructure, and financial operations.  She brings a diverse background of working closely with different types of organizations and utilizes her skills to manage effective and strategic business partnerships and relationships to support the overall mission for ORS Impact.

Heidi received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Washington in 2007.  She has a deep passion for the environment and anything science-related, whether it comes to protecting animal species (especially sharks!) or advocating for the well-being of indigenous communities, she believes in making this world a better place for current and future populations.

When not working, Heidi can be found enjoying the Pacific Northwest or traveling the world.  An avid outdoor enthusiast, she enjoys any and every outdoor activity that beckons her and looks forward to weekend adventures with her family and friends.  She particularly enjoys being an aunt to her three nieces.

Jennifer Beyers, PhD

Jenn comes to ORS with a strong foundation of work promoting positive youth development. Jenn received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Indiana University, Bloomington, where she focused on child and adolescent psychology and researched neighborhood influences on parenting and youth behavior. As a post doctoral fellow at the University of Pittsburgh and a research scientist at the University of Washington, she honed her skills in the analysis of complex data sets and published widely on the influence of families, communities, and culture on youth development. Jenn left academia to do evaluation research at Casey Family Programs (CFP), where she served as the lead evaluator for the Powerful Families program, a family-strengthening program for low-income families comprised of three 9-week curricula aimed at increasing parents’ financial literacy, advocacy, and leadership skills and behaviors. Jenn also worked with a wide range of stakeholders to design and implement a process evaluation of the multi-agency collaborations aimed at improving services for kinship families and youth transitioning out of the foster care system in which CFP’s regional field offices are engaged.

Jenn lives in Columbia City with her husband, two young boys, and cat. An immigrant from New Jersey, Jenn is completely enamored of the Pacific Northwest and hopes to resume snowboarding and hiking more than a mile when the boys grow up a bit. In the mean time she enjoys the region through eating local food and drink with friends.

Scott Campanario

Scott is passionate about helping organizations find meaning and make impactful decisions from data and evaluation efforts. He joined ORS Impact in October 2017 as a Research Analyst and brings a unique background of skills and experiences in using organizational psychology in the nonprofit sector. He has always had a passion for social science research and the psychology of how individuals and organizations come together to create social change.

Scott graduated from Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA in 2014 with BA degrees in psychology and criminal justice. He continued his education at Seattle Pacific University in the doctoral program for industrial-organizational psychology where he completed his MA degree in 2016. While there, he studied, researched, and published work examining not only how organizations and their employees function, but also how we can use research and data to help organizations achieve their goals and give employees the resources needed to thrive in their careers.

Currently, Scott is in the final stage of his doctoral program where he is working to complete his dissertation on the effectiveness of career counseling practices for emerging adult populations. While pursuing his PhD in I-O psychology, he worked previously as a research strategist at the Third Sector Company in Seattle and currently serves as an adjunct professor of psychology at Northwest University.

Being a long-time local to the Pacific Northwest, Scott loves exploring the outdoors and nature in Washington and Oregon. Apart from exploring the outdoors, he also enjoys reading philosophy books, playing guitar, trying new food and drink places in Seattle, and playing basketball.

Christopher Chang

Chris is passionate about helping folks affect meaningful change, and believes that utilizing high quality data is the most effective way to inform social impact efforts.  He joined ORS in October 2017 as a Research Analyst and brings with him a diverse background in environmental, social, and political consulting. He is excited to utilize data to help ORS clients understand the most effective ways to achieve their goals and create positive change.

Chris graduated from the University of Denver in 2015 with BA’s in Environmental Science and Socio-Legal Studies. After graduating he joined a political and public affairs consulting firm where he worked on a variety of political and advocacy projects and specialized in using qualitative and quantitative data to inform messaging and strategy for his clients.  A native Washingtonian Chris is excited to be back in the PNW and in his free time he can be found in the mountains hiking and fishing, or tinkering on the vehicles that get him out there.

Sample Projects:

  • Conservation Alliance Fellowship Evaluation
  • Democracy Fund Engaged Journalism Network Analysis

Alex Chew, MPA

Alex joined ORS Impact in 2014, bringing a wealth of international and domestic policy analysis and program evaluation experience. He has a passion for public service and is excited to work with ORS Impact’s committed staff and clients as they strive to achieve social impact.

Alex previously worked as a performance auditor at the Washington State Auditor’s Office carrying out evaluations of Washington’s educational and social services programs. He has also worked as a researcher for the Evans Policy Analysis Research Group (EPAR), which provides analytical support to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Prior to this, Alex participated in a two-year fellowship program in Kunming, China, where he taught college-level English courses, studied Mandarin Chinese, and traveled throughout Asia. Alex holds an MPA degree from the Evans School of Public Affairs and the University of Washington, and a BA in Hispanic Studies from Oberlin College.

In his spare time, Alex enjoys playing soccer and basketball, brewing beer, and when he is not too demoralized by his lack of talent, playing jazz and classical piano on his home electric keyboard.

Juan Clavijo, MPA

Juan joined ORS Impact in 2018 and is excited to contribute to the social sector through his passion for data-driven learning that improves social outcomes. In his work, he seeks to clearly understand and meet client needs in a precise, innovative, and professional manner, in order to help them accomplish their mission efficiently and effectively.

Juan recently moved back to the Pacific Northwest after living and working in Latin America, bringing international experience in the political and social sectors. In Colombia – his home country – Juan worked as a consultant, focusing on political consulting and social policy monitoring and evaluation for public and private sector clients, including USAID and Univision Network. Before moving to Colombia, Juan worked for a Canadian non-profit implementing a program to improve access to higher education for indigenous youth in rural areas around Cuzco, Peru. Juan holds an MPA degree from the Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington, and a BA in Political Science and International Studies from the same university.

Juan is a proud father and husband, who tries to spend as much time as possible with his family. He enjoys playing soccer and running, finds inspiration in talking about politics and social issues with others, and tries to remain connected to his home country and his indigenous friends.


Shelley Dillon, MA

Shelley is responsible for the management of all operational, financial, and staffing components of the business division of ORS. She has served in many capacities here at ORS in both research and administration over the last 20+ years before becoming C.O.O of the company in October 2010.

Shelley holds a B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh and did graduate work in education at UCLA and Cal State Northridge. In her former life, she taught English and Spanish before taking time out for motherhood. When she’s not traveling, biking or hiking, Shelley enjoys time at home with her husband, two daughters, and the family French Bulldog, “Wallace.”

Joel Gutierrez

Joel joined ORS Impact in 2012 and is the avid bike commuter of the office. Starting in his role as a Project Assistant, Joel has established his career in social justice at ORS Impact and was promoted to a Consultant in 2016. While at ORS Impact, Joel has been groomed to conduct evaluations of all shapes and sizes. He has proven skills in qualitative data collection, project management, and large-scale survey administration efforts.

Joel brings a global perspective to our clients work. He is a world traveler and has lived in Europe and South America for extended periods of time. His prior experience includes sustainable agricultural work for a non-profit organization in Colombia and economic development at the City of Seattle.

He graduated from Seattle Pacific University in 2011 with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Economics.

In his free time, Joel enjoys cooking, experiencing Seattle’s music scene, and being active.

Anne Gienapp, MPA

Anne Gienapp, has been with ORS Impact since 1999. Anne’s interests and passion lie in using data to inform decision making and drive more powerful results. In her work, Anne applies robust, innovative, and leading edge methods, and aims to present data in ways that maximize meaning, utility, and action.

Throughout her 20-year career, Anne has helped non-profit organizations, foundations, governmental agencies, and cross-sector partnerships gain clarity about the outcomes they seek, and how best to measure progress. Anne has particular expertise in the areas of early childhood, youth development, family support, public health, K-12 education, and deep experience in evaluation of complex initiatives and social impact strategies including those that encompass advocacy, policy change, systems and sector change, and civic engagement. With a keen sensitivity to the purposes of evaluation and the contexts in which organizations do their work, Anne aims to optimize rigor while ensuring that methods are respectful and practical, and yield actionable data.

Anne is a gifted facilitator, trainer, and coach and has guided many organizations to crisply articulate who or what will change as a result of their strategies. She helps groups with identification of measurement priorities, and the creation of measurement, evaluation, and learning plans that are fit-to-purpose.

Anne has authored or co-authored several publications for the field that address practical applications of evaluation. She co-developed Annie E. Casey Foundation’s leading-edge evaluation approaches to systems change, policy change, and civic engagement, as well as other publications that address outcome-based planning, theory of change, self-evaluation, and the use of data for strengthening strategy.

A Chicago native, Anne has lived in Seattle for over 25 years. Some of her favorite non-work time activities are cooking, being outdoors, yoga, crosswords, and keeping up with her two daughters, 13 and 15.

Eritrea Habtemariam, MA

Eritrea joined ORS Impact in June 2015 as a Research Assistant after graduating from the University of Washington with a MA in Policy Studies. During her graduate work, Eritrea was a Betty Jane Narver Fellow at the Washington State Budget and Policy Center and interned at Seattle’s Office of City Auditor. Eritrea has a passion for social and economic justice and is interested in broad issues ranging from international development and immigration to anti-poverty programs, issues she began exploring through dual undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Anthropology. In her free time, Eritrea loves to travel, spend time with her family and cook.

Tracy Hilliard, PhD, MPH

Tracy has over fifteen years of leadership experience in community-based research and evaluation, systems improvement, program and policy development, and strategic planning for equity in public health and social services.  She was selected as a member of the inaugural cohort for Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Leaders in Equitable Evaluation and Diversity (LEEAD) program launched in 2016.  LEEAD aims to develop leaders with doctoral degrees who will contribute to better science and social innovation for evaluation, in order to advance the field and improve the life outcomes of children, families and communities through a commitment to equity and social justice.  Tracy is also a Clinical Assistant Professor in the University of Washington (UW), Department of Psychosocial & Community Health.  She earned her PhD in health services research, a MPH in maternal and child health, and a BA with Distinction in sociology, all from UW.

Prior to Joining ORS Impact, Tracy was a director at the City of Seattle Human Services Department where she led strategy and innovation regarding the use of data and technology to advance the social and health services delivery system for Seattle’s most vulnerable residents.  She led the implementation of a new data-driven strategic plan for monitoring and evaluation to ensure improved outcomes among those served through the department’s investments in over 200 social and health services agencies.  In this role, she also served as Co-Chair of King County’s Committee to End Homelessness Data and Evaluation Committee.  In addition, she led her department’s efforts on data visualization and performance management via the new citywide dashboard, Performance Seattle, and developed the prototype for her department’s first performance dashboard.

Tracy was previously commissioned by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) as a Public Health Systems and Services Consultant.  Her health systems program and policy recommendations were used by RWJF and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  Her article resulting from this project was published in a Special Supplement of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.  She also served as a Project Director and Principal Investigator at Public Health-Seattle & King County where she was awarded a $100,000, Public Health Practice-Based Research Network grant from RWJF to lead a project which explored Washington State local health departments’ (LHDs’) capacity to address health disparities and workforce diversity after recent budget cuts.  Tracy also previously served as a Program Evaluation Consultant to the Group Health Research Institute, Center for Community Health & Evaluation where she analyzed proposals from community-based organizations in low-income communities to improve programs designed to reduce health disparities.

She has an extensive history of commitment to leadership and service in several professional and community organizations.  Tracy was appointed to the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ first Regional Health Equity Council for Region X, on which she has served for over four years.  She is Chair of the American Public Health Association, Health Informatics and Information Technology Section.  She previously served four years as an Advisory Board Member for the Disparities Interest Group of AcademyHealth, which is the largest professional organization for health services researchers in the US.  Locally, she leads the UW Alumni Association, Multicultural Alumni Partnership Scholarship Program and is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., The Links, Inc., and is an alumna of Leadership Tomorrow.  She is extremely passionate about community service activities encouraging students of color to pursue higher education, particularly science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.  In addition to her volunteerism, Tracy enjoys spending time with family and friends, swimming, event planning, travel, and live music.

Cameron Hostetter

Cameron joined ORS Impact in June 2014 as a Research Assistant after a year as an affiliate. Cameron graduated from The Evergreen State College in 2011 with a BA in Environmental Studies. There, he fostered his passions across many subjects, taking courses that ranged from environmental design and techniques for sustainability analysis to printmaking and woodworking. He also gained tools for viewing the world through an interdisciplinary lens, and pursued learning about the complex intersection between environmental and social justice issues.

Before joining ORS Impact, Cameron worked as an admissions counselor at Evergreen, helping prospective students connect with their passions and prepare for success in higher education. Later, he honed his eye for detail while helping a software company in California audit massive amounts of data.

Cameron has visited countries as far away as Senegal and India, and toured across the United States playing shows with his band. Despite a thirst to venture to new places, Cameron loves life in the Pacific Northwest and feels rooted in his community in Seattle, with whom he enjoys playing music, shooting hoops, and working on art projects.

Susan Hauth

Susan brings many years of administrative experience to ORS Impact from Battelle Memorial Institute. While at Battelle she supported the site director and 20+ staff on a broad variety of research projects (both domestic and international), served as the expert throughout Battelle in deciphering and compiling electronic and paper grant applications and progress reports, worked with management, research, accounting, contracts, and pricing staff across the Institute, arranged on- and off-site meetings, booked travel and prepared expense reports, initiated electronic purchase orders for supplies, temp labor, and project subcontractors, and worked with staff on projects where survey incentives were needed. After retiring from Battelle, Susan is now embarking on an encore career with ORS Impact where she will be integral to daily operations.

Susan enjoys travel, spending time at her south Puget Sound cabin, gardening, planning new adventures with her husband and daughter, seeing friends, and caring for her two furry felines.

Analissa Iversen, MBA, MPP

Analissa joined the ORS Impact team in May 2017. As both a researcher and social change advocate, she is consistently inspired by the power of a strong strategy combined with data-driven learning to improve programs, ensure efficacy, and maximize impact.

Analissa holds an MBA in Nonprofit Administration and a Masters of Public Policy from Brandeis’ Heller School for Social Policy and Management, as well as a BA in Sociology from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. She brings more than 7 years of research, evaluation, and organizational development experience to the ORS Impact team, and has worked with agencies ranging from small nonprofits to large philanthropies. She is a proud AmeriCorps Alum and has earned numerous accolades for her efforts to create a more equitable world, such as the Eli J. Segal Citizen Leadership Fellowship.

Analissa is incredibly excited to bring her research, policy, and organizational development experience to ORS Impact. She looks forward to becoming more involved in the Seattle community, particularly with organizations serving Seattle’s brilliant youth. She also hopes much of her free time will be spent exploring Washington’s many mountain ranges (a very exciting change from the landscape of her home state of Massachusetts.)

Anne Nsimbi, MPH

Anne joined ORS Impact in March 2017. She is inspired by ORS Impact’s commitment to ensuring that clients achieve a greater social impact.

She earned a BA in Biology and later on discovered that she was more interested in the social side of medicine.  In 2012, she graduated from Loma Linda University in California with a Master’s in Public Health which she thoroughly enjoyed. She is passionate about, maternal child health, poverty eradication and topics around community development.

Before joining ORS Impact, she worked at World Relief where she had the privilege of walking alongside newly arrived refugees as they rebuilt their lives in the United States. She also had the opportunity to oversee some of their contracts that provided services which benefited the new refugee families.

In her free time she enjoys hanging out with family and friends, playing volleyball, watching movies, traveling and going on road trips. She loves the Pacific Northwest!

Alex Ozkan

Alex joined ORS Impact as a Project Assistant in October 2017 where he supports a variety of projects in different capacities. He enjoys diving deep into the thorny issues that ORS clients tackle every day and the constant learning this role provides. Alex received Bachelor degrees in Humanities and International Studies from Seattle University where he developed a curiosity for evaluation work and the ways organizations can learn from reflecting on data to implement change. Prior to coming to ORS Impact, Alex served as a Research Assistant to two professors writing a textbook on global poverty, worked as a Monitoring and Evaluation Intern for a public health NGO in Uganda, and studied Swahili on a David L. Boren scholarship in Tanzania. In his free time, you can find Alex cooking up something in the kitchen, bouldering in the beautiful Northwest, or enjoying all the culture that Seattle has to offer.

Sample Projects:

Project Support for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Policy and Advocacy Capacity Review

Project Support for United Way of King County Parent-Child Home Program Evaluation

Carlyn Orians, MA

Carlyn Orians recently joined ORS Impact after 25 years with Battelle Memorial Institute conducting applied evaluation and research projects for government agencies and private foundations. Carlyn received her MA in Geography from the University of Washington in 1989 and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Evaluation from Claremont Graduate University in 2010. She is passionate about working with clients to design and implement evaluations that improve practice and help them achieve their goals. Both visionary and pragmatic, she has a proven ability to simultaneously visualize the big picture and focus on what is most important to measure and track. Carlyn specializes in mixed method evaluations, combining qualitative and quantitative approaches to give clients the information they need about the effectiveness of their programs, partnerships, planning processes, and portfolio investments. She also assists clients with strategic planning and theories of change.

Carlyn’s success comes from her commitment to quality and outcomes in everything she does. She has authored more than 25 peer-reviewed publications and is a frequent presenter and reviewer at the American Evaluation Association annual meetings. For her evaluation practicum project, she developed a tool to assess evaluation capacity of program grantees. In 2009, Carlyn was the recipient of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Honor Award for “Excellence in Program or Policy Evaluation” for contribution to the Learning and Growing through Evaluation Working Group, a group that produced a series of evaluation guidance manuals for use by program staff and grantees.

Carlyn is excited to trade her more than 25 years of experience in a large research and consulting firm for the opportunity to work with a small talented team at ORS Impact dedicated to supporting social innovation through the application of smart, thoughtful methods.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Carlyn lives in the Phinney/Greenwood neighborhood with her husband Rick. She enjoys dancing, reading, weaving, and exploring Seattle’s neighborhoods on foot. A passionate traveler and learner of languages, Carlyn has lived abroad in Latin America and Europe. She also enjoys cooking and sharing local food and drink with friends and family, including her grown children Megan and Robert.

Leonor Robles, MPA

Leonor joined ORS in 2012. She brings a diverse set of skills from a variety of fields and is motivated by the power of evaluation and strategic learning to maximize impact and ultimately, to change lives.

As the daughter of a school social worker and immigrant rights activist, issues of economic and social justice have always been at her core. Leonor earned a BA in American Ethnic Studies from Colorado College and spent time working to help bridge the cultural gap between schools and migrant students and their families, then later as a youth advocate and union organizer. In Chicago, she worked for a strategy and design firm, gaining valuable marketing and design skills, but ultimately left in search of work that more closely aligned with her social justice foundation. She earned an MPA with a focus in international development from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, and began consulting with various nonprofits to strengthen their knowledge and capacity around evaluation. This included an eight-month stretch in La Paz, Bolivia where she worked with local staff to develop an M&E plan for a project with CARE. In 2010, Leonor traded the sun of San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she was living, for the clouds of Seattle to work on a project in India’s microfinance sector. She ended up falling in love with the beautiful Pacific Northwest and decided to stay.

Leonor is a first generation Mexican American who grew up in Topeka, KS. She loves to spend every possible moment outside in the garden or playing with her two-year-old daughter when the weather is nice and eat up whatever goodies her husband is creating in the kitchen when it’s not. She speaks Spanish, thoroughly enjoys anything science related, and loves to travel.

Paula Rowland, PhD

Paula Rowland joined ORS in 2011. She brings a unique blend of skills with nonprofits, cultural competence from working cross-culturally, and experience as a program evaluation consultant to improve education, health, and social programs at community, state, national, and international levels. At ORS, Paula has primarily focused on early learning, leadership development, and evaluation capacity building. She is a facilitator and coach for the Measurement, Learning, and Evaluation (MLE) Lab and supports organizations through their development of MLE plans to increase alignment between data, decisions, and actions.

Paula grew up in Mexico City, leaving the bustling metropolis to attend a small women’s college in North Carolina. She has always been passionate about issues of poverty, so with a newly minted degree in Nutrition and a heart full of idealism, she set out on a trip around the world that included a year on the Thai Cambodian border volunteering in refugee camps. Wanting to have greater impact on the global problems she was witnessing, she went to UCLA for a MPH in International Health and a PhD in Comparative International Education, doing research among rural communities in Mexico and Paraguay in the process. She and her husband John and three children have spent time volunteering in a rural hospital in Kenya and lived on a hospital ship off the coast of West Africa.

In Seattle, she continues to find ways to maintain her connection with international work. Currently she is on the board of SCOPE, a Seattle-based nonprofit that partners with medical and faith communities to improve health in Ethiopia through outreach, education, and training. She is fluent in Spanish and has lived and volunteered in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Her hobbies include people of all sorts and travel to anywhere.

Emily Suber

Emily joined ORS in 2017 with five years’ experience in Office Administration, Executive Assistance and Operational Support for fast paced, highly collaborative, non-profit & private sector offices. She has an eye for the details and thrives off communication and collaboration while utilizing humor and organization most often. Banking and retail experience also cemented the understanding and application of consistent customer service approaches steeped in quality. Emily loves the transformation process of a re-organization project, logistics of a large annual event or simply providing a delicious meal for a staff meeting.

Emily holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Area Studies (Latin America) from Saint Mary’s College of California where she also minored in Spanish and Anthropology. She had the opportunity to spend a semester in Cuernavaca, Mexico attending the Universidad Internacional – Center for Linguistic & Multicultural Studies. These educational experiences propelled her desire to effect social change within the lens of equity and undoing institutional racism at the local, community level (Seattle) as well as for our global community. Joining the ORS Impact team is a solid step on this journey.

In her free time, Emily enjoys exploring new adventures with her husband Zach and three-year-old Naomi. Some passions include cooking up a new recipe, finding treasures at the flea market, hiking the beautiful parks throughout Seattle and spending time with family & friends.

Shayleen Van Thiel

Shayleen is passionate about improving organizational operations so that the ORS Impact team can focus on the work that is important to both them and our clients.  She joined the company in October 2017 as the Chief Operations Manager and brings a diverse operational background from the healthcare, non-profit, and technology industries.  She has experience overseeing daily operations, budget analysis, and strategic planning.  In addition, Shayleen has a bias towards action and loves solving problems.  She is passionate about finding the root cause of an issue and focusing on solutions that reduce complexity, making the processes easier to navigate.

Before joining ORS Impact, Shayleen lived in Italy for 3 years.  While there, she spent her time studying the language, volunteering, and using her problem-solving skills to navigate daily life.  She also did her best to consume as much pizza and gelato as possible.  Prior to living in Italy, she worked as a CPI Consultant with Seattle Children’s Hospital.  While there, she consulted throughout the organization on the continuous performance improvement process through the use of Lean methodologies. This included functioning as a project manager, event designer, facilitator, teacher, and coach. In this role, Shayleen worked closely with the hospital staff to find solutions to problems and improve operations in order to better serve patients and families.  She is a graduate of the University of Washington, having majored in History & Sociology.

Away from the office, Shayleen enjoys spending time with her husband and dog.  She also enjoys cooking, hiking, time with friends, and traveling.

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