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New Site. New Name. New Era.

You may know us as “Organizational Research Services,” “O.R.S.” or—least preferred—as a sound that rhymes with “oars.”  Today, with our new website and this blog, we are debuting our new name:  ORS Impact.

Why the change?  ORS has been around for 24 years, steadily working with social innovators, helping them tackle the tough problems they seek to address through theory of change, evaluation projects and coaching.  After two years of a lot of internal work—expanding our leadership team, developing our strategic plan and working to reconsider how our public “face” can best match where we are today—we are excited to embrace one of our core values, social impact, as part of our calling card.

We’ve always been about impact, even when it wasn’t part of our name.  Everyone on staff comes to this work with specific expertise to do the work.  But people who work at ORS Impact choose this place because they are passionate about who we work with and our belief that our work helps our clients make a greater difference in the world.  It rang true when one consultant we spoke with described this process as a “truing up” to who we really are in the world.

Besides the snazzy new logo and website, a few things are new:

  • We’ve updated the core work that we do to include strategic planning, with a focus on building from a theory of change and developing the iterative, responsive and adaptive practices social change organizations need to be successful.
  • We have a long history of working with philanthropies, non-profits, and government agencies.  We’re expanding our work to include businesses with social impact, because we believe businesses with a desire to support social change will benefit from our tools and approaches to be more impactful.
  • We’re also embracing our long history of developing guides, manuals, tools, and other resources for the field to help share our lessons learned and make this work accessible and available for others who may find benefit from it.  This includes our new paper, Getting More from Measurement:  Five Insights.
  • And we’ll be sharing more regularly through this blog, twitterfacebook and upcoming pieces on the site.

ORS Impact.  It’s not a dramatic change, but it’s meaningful.   Stay tuned as we use this new forum as another way we help social innovators who strive to tackle the hard issues in the world find ways to align around outcomes, stay accountable to success, and learn every step along the way.

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