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Getting More from Measurement: Five Insights for Social Innovators

mle-report-coverAfter 25 years of working with hundreds of social impact organizations, we’ve seen first-hand the reality of the maxim, “What gets measured gets done.”  Measuring the right things is a key step toward achieving meaningful change.

To get the most from measurement, our deep experience shows that organizations are best served when they clearly articulate and document their overall strategy, assumptions and outcomes as a compass from which to guide decisions about what to measure and how to measure it.  It is essential, too, that measurement moves to processes and tools that elicit insights that strengthen decision-making and drive toward results.

We document this information in a Measurement, Learning and Evaluation (MLE) plan, which provides a powerful process for driving efficient, lasting, and transformative progress toward impactful changes.

This piece captures five key insights to guide organizations as they develop ongoing MLE plans to achieve greater social impact.

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